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Top 5 Ways Social Media Marketing Helps in Driving Good Business

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AONE SEO Service

September 16, 2016

Top 5 Ways Social Media Marketing Helps in Driving Good Business

Social media marketing has created its own reputation in the industry. The statistics, illustrate the same, as per Hubspot, 92% of marketers claim that social media marketing was key to their business, with 80% signifying their efforts increased their website traffic. However, as per Social Media Examiner, 97% of digital marketers are promoting their services on social media, however 85% of them are not knowing how social media tools are used to get best results.

There is a great potential for social media marketing to upsurge sales, but there is still a want of understanding on how to accomplish the best outcomes. So we would like to demonstrate here how social media marketing can advance your business results.

1. Improves Brand Recognition and Customer Loyalty

Every chance to increase your company’s online visibility is valuable to your business. That is why social media channels are the strong voice for your brand recognition. A strategic social media marketing plan will definitely influence your new and existing customers. For example, a frequent LinkedIn user would know about your company only after exploring your continuous promotional updates. So social media channels definitely fetch results for your business.

2. Have More Prospects to Convert

Every update you make on a social media channel is a business opportunity. When you would create a continuous following, you will concurrently have business interactions with new prospects along with recent and old customers.

3. Better Conversion Rates

Social media is a platform where companies can interact like people, and this is key as people like dealing business with other people and not with bricks and mortar companies.

4. Increase in Website Traffic

The more valuable content you will promote on social media, the better website traffic you would generate, leading to more leads and sales opportunities.

5. SEO Boost

Search engines calculate their rankings considering social media presence as a key factor. So for ranking your keywords, having a strong social media presence is compulsory.

These are the advantages of working on a long-standing social media campaign which can fetch great business results.

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