Digital marketing agency in India

Digital Marketing Agency in India

Digital Evolution

The modern human or the Homo Sapien is the outcome of hundreds of years of evolution.

In other words, the only thing permanent is change.

So, what is exactly changing?

From the way we connect, the way we consume information to the way we trade; basically everything, every day. Kudos to the Internet!

Keep above the changing world to leverage limitless growth.

Get aboard the

best digital marketing company in India


What is marketing digitally?

A fragment of the term Digital Marketing is Marketing.

It refers to leveraging the power of the Internet and digital devices to promote brands, products, and services to endless users wherever they may be!

The possibilities to expand your reach with Digital Marketing are cosmic.

The real question is - are you headed where folks are?

If not, take our hand so we can take you to your consumers. As a proficient

top digital marketing agency in India

, we have experts in every digital marketing domain.

Digital Marketing Agency in India

The Digital Marketing Spectrum

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Own the top rankings on all major search engines. We strategically escalate your business on top SERPs and make you experience the invaluable feeling of being on the top.



Create a healthy buzz that brings value to your business. Leverage social media at its best to win the hearts of your audience.



Drive sales-qualified leads and thereby enjoy bounteous business. We make every click count for your business growth, making it worth your penny.



Set a brand new digital identity organically. Build brand rapport digitally without getting affected by negativity and leverage it to drive great business.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Employ words to speak strategically and attractively. We master the subtle art of letting the content speak impressively for your brand.

Digital Branding

Digital Branding

Let the soul of your brand reverberate authentically to your audience in the most creative, engaging, impactful, and lucrative manner.

Influencer Branding

Influencer Branding

Connect with the right ambassadors for your brand that can help you build trust and fame amongst relatable audiences.

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business

- Bill Gates

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What makes us the best?

Our principles and our working methodology has entitled us to be an eminent

digital marketing company in India



Working at full bandwidth

Our spacious infrastructure accommodates highly skilled professionals in every department that share a common zeal to scale. We are well-equipped with the right resources to adapt to your expanding business requirements.


Human-centric approach

Strategies should be human-centric. In other words, your consumer’s mindset, pain points, interests, and behaviors should be at the nucleus of your planning. For a knowledgeable digital marketing service provider in India, this is inevitable.


Technological adaptation

Embracing technology has facilitated us in staying ahead of the curve. With integrated Artificial Intelligence tools, we accumulate data for competitive analysis, market research, understanding trends, and more. Based on these parameters, we define techniques to help you surpass your competition.


Ongoing skill development

We strongly believe in the periodic skill development of every AONE member. This not only gives them a competitive edge but also enhances the quality of work we deliver.


Punctual turnaround time

With project management tools and team leads in place, we ensure that the deadlines are always met. This punctuality has helped us build trust and rapport with every client of ours.

Global Presence

We have a strong presence in all the major cities of India like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, Kochi etc. Moreover, we have a robust global presence having footprints in all the leading countries like Australia, USA, UK, UAE, South Africa, Germany, Russia etc. We get along with our clients in this journey and ignite a digital revolution to enhance their brand as whole.

Our Digital Marketing Work

Spectronic (Australia)

Objective: Spectronic AU wants to establish itself as the leading unlocked mobile phone seller in Australia. The challenge was when they came to AOne SEO Service from a previous digital marketing agency, from 2K organic users to 35 organic users. Our challenge is to identify the cause of the traffic drop and to generate organic traffic where it was at one point.

Services Undertaken: eCommerce SEO

Result: Encompassing all the areas of search engine optimization, AONE consistently performed all the authentic on-page, off-page, and technical SEO activities along with product optimization to help attain a remarkable result in organic traffic and revenue.

  • Increase Organic Traffic from <35 to 7000+ monthly organic users
  • From almost No traffic to 1.24M impression and 24.5K clicks in last 6 Months
  • Achieved more than AUD $300K+ revenue generated in last 6-month span
AONE SEO SERVICE’s recent eCommerce SEO service for Spectronic Australia


Objective: For a renowned brand like Azafran, isolated digital marketing services is not applicable. The idea was big and the objective was marketing, branding as well as awareness for organic benefits.

Services Undertaken: Complete Digital Marketing

Result: As an outcome of our comprehensive digital marketing solutions, the organic product manufacturing company experienced mammoth digital growth. We designed an SEO-friendly structure of the website along with other activities and services.

  • Brand visibility
  • Increase in sales
  • Social media community growth
  • Strong and top ranking in SERPs

Shiva’s Cafe

Objective: The fast-expanding cafe chain, Shiva’s wanted to recreate their business image such that it can attract a set of customers of the city specifically. The idea was exceptional branding using social media.

Services Undertaken: Social media optimization

Result: AONE deployed their most creative minds to develop luring creatives that brought upon a large volume of followers, popularity and demand for the cafe. Today, it experiences enormous footfall at every outlet.

Shivas's Cafe

Kitchen Therapy

Objective: Food is the most enjoyable ingredient in the recipe of life. Building a community of people who celebrate food was the objective of our food blogging client.

Services Undertaken: Social Media Optimization

Result: AONE developed mouth-watering food creatives, and edited and created videos that lured food lovers to follow the page and channel. In a very short span, the number of followers tremendously increased allowing clients in achieving their revenue goals.

Kitchen Theraphy

Escon Arena

Objective: For a real estate company, the digital marketing goal was to generate leads for their luxurious properties built in North India. We undertook social media optimization and marketing services.

Services Undertaken: Social media optimization & marketing

Result: To drive relevant leads AONE formulated an organic : paid ad strategy where organic content was aimed toward branding and Lead generation ads drove substantial leads for the luxurious property.

Escon Arena

Saraswati Hospital

Objective: The digital marketing objective for an Ahmedabad-based new multispeciality hospital - Saraswati was to gain visibility on the web and achieve local and state-level branding. The route undertaken was SEO.

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: An ongoing strategic SEO approach formulated by the team of AONE derived the client more than the expected results.

  • Top rankings on 50+ keywords
  • 300% increase in the traffic
Saraswati Hospital

Griden Power

Objective: For an EV charging infrastructure company, the key to generating demand was awareness for their brand. Although, EV industry is still gaining momentum, the competition is fierce already. Hence, with complete digital marketing their goal was to create a strong digital presence.

Services Undertaken: SEO, PPC, Social Media

Result: AONE delivered extensive digital marketing services to Griden with our best practices laid forth. Not only did we leverage SEO but PPC to give the brand the boost required. Consequently, Griden achieved top ranking in Google, both organically and in PPC campaigns.

  • Increased visitors footfall to the website
  • Promoted business over the Internet
  • Campaigns generated leads and powered the website with relevant searchers
Griden Power

Villa Chanticleer (USA)

Objective: Competing and obtaining more bookings was the primary objective of the event and wedding venue business in the US followed by branding.

Services Undertaken: SEO & Social Media Optimization

Result: To accomplish the goal we provided SEO and Social media services wherein the former generated more inquiries and bookings and the latter reflected their beautiful venue playing the role of a hook to attract visitors.

  • Build business awareness
  • Gained significant bookings ongoingly
  • Achieved a top ranking in local searches
Villa Chanticleer

BlueRibbon 3D

Objective: India-based company 3D animation studio, had a definite objective to promote their services in the US. The purpose was to promote their services and build brand awareness in a foreign country.

Services Undertaken: Rigorous SEO and Social Media Optimization

Result: From SEO-friendly site structure to content distribution, AONE did an intensive SEO job to gain Blue Ribbon outstanding results in the SERPs while building an authentic brand image through social media.

  • Build brand position in the competitive market
  • Created a strong online presence in the US domain
  • Drove organic traffic to the website
  • Enhanced brand image with SMO
Blueribbon 3D


Objective: Online event platform to host and manage events had the need to compete digitally against leading brands while targeting an international audience.

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: In our project span, we undertook on-page activities, link building and content marketing to achieve the desired results eventually. The outcome of our professional services resulted in

  • Top ranking on highly competitive keywords
  • Competing with leading brands
  • Greater online visibility
  • Increase in organic traffic

Beads Venue (Australia)

Objective: The one-stop beads supplier in Australia had a business objective to increase the sale of their precious beads and gems.

Services Undertaken: eCommerce SEO

Result: We started off the project by understanding their market, identifying the right keywords to target, optimizing their website and performing regular SEO activities that led to a remarkable result.

  • Top rankings on 150+ keywords
  • A significant increase in sales
  • More website visits
Beads Venue


Objective: For the oil and gas systems manufacturer, gaining online visibility was the crux of the matter to stay ahead of the competitors and build a strong image.

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: Oil and Gas systems are complex and to be able to achieve online visibility for them it was crucial to understand their systems thoroughly and produce sound content. Altogether, our endeavours were successful and how!

  • Increased web presence with 30+ top ranking keywords
  • Achieved ranking on challenging, short but highly competitive keywords

Alpha Vidhya Sankul

Objective: The school has embarked on a vision to educate and inspire young minds. Creating a digital impact was crucial to bring out their good work. The objective was to develop an image, connect with parents through social media postings and improve visibility with SEO.

Services Undertaken: Digital marketing services

Result: The school gained tremendous popularity and admission enquiries that kept increasing ever since we deployed our best practices.

  • Impressive social media image
  • Creative website identity
  • Increased visibility with SEO
  • Increase in enquiries and admissions
Alpha Vidhya Sankul

Rapsimo (Australia)

Objective: The couture wedding store in Adelaide wanted to gain local buyers by taking the digital route.

Services Undertaken: Local SEO

Result: To achieve the business objective we targeted relevant city-specific keywords, listed the business appropriately, and produced targeted and valuable content that brought us the desired results.

  • Top rankings in 20+ keywords
  • An increased footfall of shoppers
  • Generated 3x inquiries

aMarketForce (USA)

Objective: For a B2B marketing and lead generation service provider obtaining a high traffic volume to its website was important for the business. The objective was to do extensive SEO in the US domain.

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: With on-page, off-page and content we increased incoming traffic significantly while achieving top rankings on highly competitive country specific keywords.

  • 200% increase in organic traffic
  • Top ranking on highly competitive keywords
Amarket force

Dwarika Clinic

Objective: The gastro, cancer and obesity clinic in Ahmedabad competes with many prominent names in healthcare. SEO was a primary source to obtain the desired visibility on the web.

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: We used Local SEO methods to improve patient registrations, which resulted in a massive rise in registrants.

  • Top placement for local keywords
  • An increase in patient appointments
Dwarika Clinic (UK)

Objective: For a UK based linens company, the goal was to increase sales organically. The best alternative for organic digital growth, as we know is SEO.

Services Undertaken: eCommerce SEO

Result: We began the assignment by learning about their industry, determining the best keywords to target, refining their website for SEO, and engaging in regular SEO operations, which resulted in a wonderful achievement.

  • Top rankings on 150+ keywords
  • A significant increase in sales
  • More website visits
Vision linens

Impulse pain clinic

Objective: The only pain of the pain clinic in Ahmedabad was to promote their facility locally. That’s where we stepped in!

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: With just the right knack, AONE performed all the required SEO activities and business listings to help the facility gain patient inquiries and bookings.

  • 2x increase in patient registration
  • Gained a reputation digitally amongst competitors
  • Increased the volume of website traffic
Impulse pain

Mersey Flyer (UK)

Objective: Direct Marketing Company in Liverpool, UK lagged behind in the competitive market due to a weak digital presence. The challenge was to enable the company to thrive digitally.

Services Undertaken: Comprehensive SEO

Result: Encompassing all the areas of search optimization, AONE consistently performed all the authentic on-page and off-page activities along with keyword-rich content to help attain a remarkable result.

  • Top rankings on 20+ keywords
  • 200% Increase in organic traffic
  • Robust digital footprint in 6 months
Mersy Flyer

CISA (South Africa)

Objective: For a well-known lock security and access control system manufacturing company, the objective was to gain clear visibility on the web in the South African domain.

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: As a consequence of our month-on-month SEO endeavours, the business website started to gain significant relevant visitors and also achieved top rankings on the country targeted keywords.

  • Top ranking in country specific competitive keywords
  • Surpassed competition on the web
  • Gained clear brand visibility

Raghudeep Eye Hospital

Objective: Situated in the heart of the city, Raghudeep Eye Hospital in Ahmedabad wanted to move past the conventional marketing methods and adopt the digital inbound approach to mitigate its promotional and sales needs.

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: In order to increase patient registrations, we executed Local SEO practices which led to a monumental spike in new registrations.

  • Top ranking for local keywords
  • Increase in patient bookings
  • Evolved digitally

GreatSoft (South Africa)

Objective: Ranking in the African domain was the major goal of the software company. IT is known for its competitiveness and building a business image in a different country in this niche was the challenge.

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: AONE provided comprehensive SEO services to the client which entailed competitive analysis, keyword research, determining buyer’s persona, on-page and off-page activities and so much more.

  • Achieved rankings on highly competitive keywords
  • Built business rapport in the market

The Kiran Group

Objective: A logistics conglomerate established in 1982 has always stridden forward undeterred. With changing trends, the need for digital marketing daunts them and hence we help them establish a robust digital presence with our services.

Services Undertaken: SEO

Result: As vast as their business empire, AONE did extensive SEO to achieve top ranking on numerous keywords.

Kiran Group
our Clientele
Digital Marketing FAQs

Marketing in its essence is the promotion of products and services to reach out to the consumers with a sales motive. What makes digital marketing different are the online channels used to reach the intended audience such as social media, search engines, etc. to appear on user’s digital devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones or so.

AONE SEO Service is a proficient digital marketing agency based in India providing a spectrum of online marketing services.


digital marketing services

encompass Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Management and Marketing (SMM), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Content Marketing and Creative Branding.

Search for “best SEO company in Ahmedabad” in Google and you’ll find us standing tall and strong on the top of all the searches. That’s what we do best.

The most significant advantage of digital marketing over advertising is performance tracking. You have the ability to filter your audience, create targeted campaigns and gain a detailed insight into its reach and performance. Whether you choose social media ads or PPC ads you have the power to track your every penny.

Digital Marketing indeed is a fruitful investment. Whether your goal is branding, sales of products or services, awareness, donation or anything else, with accurate planning you can desire results both organically and through paid ads.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and more, Digital Marketing is likely to flourish with more technological advancements making marketing efforts for efficient.

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