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Basic SEO Fixes to Boost Google Rankings

AONE SEO Service

AONE SEO Service

September 11, 2018

boost Google ranking

Businesses in today’s world are ruled by Google rankings. Owing to this fact, every entrepreneur has been drawn in a compulsion to keep steps along with the basic SEO tactics. Your business is based on a good idea with investments and efforts in place. Still, getting desired reach and results is totally a different game you shall know in this technology-driven world. A lot of skeptical eyes might come to your way if do not agree with the fact that SEO is the only key to boost your Google ranking.

SEO Tactics to Boost Google Rankings

You need to get into a relationship with Google to sound decent on the web. However, Google is not an easy candidate for you to pitch your proposal. There is much ado to make Google fall in love with you. Even once it happens, you still need to invest your energies in sustaining a healthy relationship with Google. Let’s get down to these basic SEO fixes you need to implement on SEO front to boost your performance on the web.

boost Google ranking

Develop unique and creative content

Content is the King and so it needs to exhibit the wittiest play. It is the basic feed for the search engine in analyzing your actual identity and where you stand in the competitive market. You need to be very smart and creative while developing your content strategy. Anything random or everything promotional will not be appreciated.

Interlink your blogs and webpages

There are two major reasons why interlinking in your content is considered a good SEO practice.

First, you are giving readers some interesting, relevant links to consider. This may make your content appear more informative to your reader as well as the amount of time a reader spend on your website might increase.

Second, interlinking let search engines recognize relevant content on your website. Resultantly, you may be given credits for inbound lead generation and also for the targeted keywords used on the linked blog.

However, it is significant to analyze the right stage where you want to target the relevant link. Your decision should be based on factors like awareness, information or consideration.

Disavow irrelevant links pointing your website

It does not always score you well when your website is mentioned and linked by different sites. Just when some relevant and renowned sites give a link to your website, Google credits some points into your account. However, when websites with an irrelevant domain that do not go in your business genre link back to your sites, your credit falls at major risk.

Many a time, your website might get irrelevant backlinks from some unknown user or from some adult sites. In case you find any such out-of-genre backlinks you can report it on the following link and Google will not consider it. Remove spammy or low-quality links from the web through Google Search Console.

Install Plugins

If your website is built on WordPress or any relevant framework, plugins do a lot to make your job easy. Businesses have hundreds of things to look after. In the process, you might miss out on some necessary fix for your website. Best would be to install plugins and let them keep a track of necessary fixation to be done on your content and website. Not only they solve our hidden glitches but also stay up-to-date with the latest market updates.

Build quality backlinks to your website

Plan your content game smartly and try to generate backlinks to your website. Guest blogging, posting blogs on official blogging websites or any other relevant third party website would help you boost Google rankings. Make sure to target websites with a great Google accreditation and a wide reach. Building external links would help draw traffic to your website as it goes that Google will be impressed by you only if people will love you.

With these basic guidelines, begin strategizing your SEO and make continuous efforts to pitch the most competitive proposal to Google. In case you have stuck anywhere and require an expert guidance you can always look out for the best SEO Company and count on them to drive huge business for you.

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